Fazeley Events blog

Jan 15, 2016
Arthur Tapp

We have written a Guest Blog for the Fazeley Events website


We often get asked why we set up The Best Men and the simple answer is we are passionate about music and if you are too then we are the DJs for you!

Coming from a background in Birmingham clubs and pubs, Steve and Andy, may well have already provided the soundtrack to your youth. They were finding that they were increasingly being asked if they would be prepared to do weddings.

So it seemed the natural step to set up the Best Men.

At so many weddings you hear the standard cliché cheesy disco music, and if that’s what you want to avoid, and have a night tailored to the tastes of you and your guests, then look no further.

We love to meet up with couples in advance and get an in depth knowledge of their musical tastes. It’s equally important to know exactly what you do want… and also what you don’t! If any genres or artists are off limits they won’t get played no matter how persistent the requests.

It’s hard to exaggerate how much of an important role music plays in our lives, provoking memories and sound tracking our days. We want your wedding to reflect your personality and your memories and be tailored to you.

We generally cater for couples who like broadly indie / alternative tastes and classic tunes from all eras. But we have had some obscure and niche bookings too which are equally fun to do. We never work to a set playlist and make sure each set is unique to you.

We are happy to work hours to suit you, with sets ranging from 3 hours to 6 or more. Each wedding is different and we cater to the needs of each couple.