Wonderful Blog from Anna Clarke

Apr 16, 2015
Arthur Tapp


A wonderful write up from the amazing Anna Clarke of www.annaclarkephotography.com

I present to you, The Best Men. These super talented guys, who are very good friends of ours, have started up a new DJ service FINALLY after years of us badgering them to do so. Andy DJd our wedding and was quite frankly fookin’ amazing.

So, are you looking for an amazing DJ for your wedding but have been completely and utterly put off by the absolute cheese-infested ones you find on the internet or have had the displeasure of listening to at another wedding? Then look no further, you’ve found what you’re looking for. If you have a more shall we say, discerning taste in music and prefer a more edgy, alternative and modern collection of sounds in your ear-holes then honestly, The Best Men are the tailor made service that will have your wedding reception partying into oblivion. I am a firm believer your evening entertainment can make or break the night too, so don’t take the chance, just book these guys now.

You can find out lots more information on their website here The Best Men. Just drop them a line if there is anything else you need to know, Arthur is on hand to give you all the info you need whilst Andy and Steve while away the hours looking for more great music… or just sleeping/drinking (probably).

Oh, and I took some photos for them too so you can see their darling faces. What lovely chaps.